We are fibreglass moulders and manufacturers of custom fibreglass moulding products throughout the UK.  Fibreglass UK provide a complete GRP and fibreglass mouldings service, from design assistance, pattern making, tooling, delivery and installation of top quality fibreglass and GRP moulded products. 

Fibreglass UK specialise in the design and manufacture of quality GRP and Fibreglass Mouldings (GLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC mouldings) for most applications, our highly skilled team have years of experience in this specialised field that is essential when ensuring we deliver fibreglass and GRP mouldings of the highest standard which our customers have come to expect, strictly monitoring Quality control to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process, enabling us to dispatch products from the factory confident that aesthetically, dimensionally and structurally they are faultless.

With our innovative expertise, track record and UK reputation, Fibreglass UK holds a prominent position in this highly specialised field of GRP mouldings. We have manufactured a diverse range of products for a widely varied customer base, ranging from, automotive, marine, construction, leisure, architectural, industrial, specialist applications, and much more!

GRP is one of the most versatile construction material available, offering the designer a wide scope for complexity of shapes proving cost effective when designed correctly. During the design process you can utilise the many inherent material characteristics that GRP mouldings has to offer, things like dimensional stability, choice of colour, lightness of weight, strength and a multitude of finishes, so there is virtually no limit to the complexity of shape, scale of work, or surface appearance achievable in GRP, the only limit is your imagination!

Fibreglass UK undertake small to large volume production, but we are also mindful that sometimes a single product or prototype is all that is required.
Due to our continual commitment to cost effective composite solutions and our open minded approach regarding unusual or specialist applications, we will consider almost any project.

We provide a complete fibreglass moulding and  manufacturing solution for most applications:

  • Design assistance
  • Pattern making
  • Tooling
  • Manufacture
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • After sales support and ongoing maintenance
  • Quality assurance

Should you have an enquiry concerning GRP Mouldings (Glass Reinforced Plastic Mouldings) composite and its suitability for your project / product, please contact us to discuss your requirements further

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Fibreglass UK, Fibreglass Mouldings and GRP Mouldings

At Fibre Glass UK, we specialise in bespoke fibreglass mouldings for application in many different sectors. We deal primarily with GRP composite as it is one of the most versatile and reliable construction materials currently available and as a result gives the client the perfect end result every time.

Glass Reinforced Plastic composite - otherwise known as fibre glass - is used to create accurate GRP mouldings to suit every one of our clients' briefs. With every project, we aim to provide fibreglass mouldings at unbeatable quality standards and meet your needs on time no matter how big or small the task.

Such is our commitment to excellence in the manufacture of GRP mouldings, from the first instruction to the end production, we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification. This accreditation is only given to 5% of UK businesses and is supported by the Government. The ISO award is of course recognised worldwide and guarantees that all our products reach the highest standards of production for both clients and end users. Achieving these kinds of industry standards means that not only do all of our Fibreglass Mouldings and products meet the highest quality standards but also that Fibre Glass UK sets new standards for GRP mouldings within this specialist area.

Our range of client services includes design assistance, delivery, installation and a complete after sales support and a maintenance package for every one of the fibreglass mouldings we manufacture. This means that when choosing Fibre Glass UK, you know you're getting the best quality GRP moulding possible as part of an all round client package that outstrips our competition.

At Fibre Glass UK we are always happy to work along side clients on large projects, but we are also more than happy to produce one off custom fibreglass mouldings when required. The final realisation of every product no matter how small to the highest of standards is reflected in our history of repeat business clients, and recommendations from past clients. Our company is well known for being able to accommodate 1-5000 units per client, and are happy to put our engineering expertise to the test in order to complete your brief. This means that not only is the end product manufactured to the highest quality, but that your fibreglass mouldings, has built-in longevity. On top of this, we provide after-sales support for all of our clients in order to make sure that your product continues to perform to the standards you require.

Custom Fibreglass Mouldings

When first instructed to create custom fibreglass mouldings, a timber or foam pattern will be produced in order that both parties can see how the end fibre glass product will look and suit the demands put upon it. This is the initial part of the communication process necessary to create accurate GRP mouldings and helps to establish the needs of both the client and the end user.

At Fibre Glass UK we place emphasis on accuracy with every GRP moulding project undertaken, and so rely on client input from the outset in order to get the product right. Every one of our staff has years of experience in the GRP mouldings industry and can translate your requirements into custom built fibreglass mouldings, so that whether you require one product or more we can deliver. We can supply fibreglass mouldings for ongoing product lines or one off projects and always aim to create a lasting relationship with every one of our clients so that no matter what type of fibre glass product is called for we can exceed your expectations and be available to help again should you need another specialist GRP moulding at a later date.

Marine Applications For Fibre glass Products

With over 25 years specialist experience in the marine sector, Fibre Glass UK have helped with the repair and manufacture of hulls, decks and associated components for both commercial and specialist vessels including life boats. Fibre Glass UK is also able to undertake modification work in this highly specialist area as we have full workshop facilities in the South East. In addition to these localised facilities, we also offer a mobile repair service for all marine fibre glass projects.

Fibreglass GRP Mouldings & Applications

Choosing to work with the fibre glass composite to shape your project means there are no limits to size, shape, texture, scale, or lightness of weight. In other words whatever you're looking for, this material can accommodate your needs. Getting the finish of the product is as important as the manufacture of the product which is why we offer a gloss, matt, smooth, or textured finish in a choice of any BS or RAL colour.

Working with the most adaptable material around we have so far been able to facilitate fibre glass applications for architectural, automotive, marine, leisure, construction, and also some highly specialised applications during our 25 years experience.

As experts in the GRP mouldings sector, we can also produce fibreglass mouldings that are fire retardant and comply with BS 476 part 7 achieving a class 1/0 and so working towards to greater public safety. We can also manufacture products that can withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions so that you get a cost effective investment.

Since this material is so versatile, the professional finish you require from your end fibreglass mouldings is never hindered or compromised by whichever strength of composite you order. If, for example, you require a fire retardant product, you can still determine the finish or texture of the final result.

In order to get the right GRP moulding or end product simply discuss your brief with one of our experienced staff today.

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